Skylark7050C adds TETRA functionality

A new software module was released for the SkyLark7050C that enables decoding and synchronised capturing of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) signals. This software addition further cements the product in the security market where protection of a TETRA network from rogue users and jamming signals is of a high priority.

In trunked mode operation (TMO) the basestation signal is captured and decoded. From this information the synchronisation and uplink channel allocation information is extracted. This is used to synchronise the capture of the direction finder to so that the signal from a specific handset, as determined by the short subscriber identity (SSI), can be capture and the bearing determined. This functionality was successfully demonstrated during a client evaluation process in August.

The software module is tightly integrated in the SkyMon user interface software for easy and intuitive operation. Further analysis of the basestation is displayed within the same user interface to provide the operator with an extended display of information in an efficient and intuitive format.

The module is currently being extended to support TETRA in direct mode operation (DMO).




ACCRA, Ghana August 17 to 19, 2010 – A diverse group of ICT stakeholders comprising Ministers, regulators, telecom operators and leading ICT global brands convened at the 5th Annual Connecting Rural Communities (CRC) 2010 conference in Accra, Ghana to discuss and explore potential future solutions for bridging the digital divide in Africa. Organized by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) and hosted in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications, Ghana, National Communications Authority and the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC), the three-day conference was formally opened by Ghana’s Minister for Communications, Honourable Haruna Iddrisu.


Grintek Ewation attended the 15th Annual Seminar Day at the

LS Telcom Summit in Lichtenau, Germany on 23 June 2010.LS_15

Grintek Ewation demonstrated the GRX-LAN receiver, operating in the H/V/UHF band from 1kHz to 9 GHz, with a UI on a mini laptop. This is a compact and powerful solution at a low market price.


Grintek Ewation successfully delivered the latest Skylark7050C radio monitoring and direction finding systems to ICASA.   These systems will be deployed at the Cape Town and Mangaung Stadiums for the FIFA2010 soccer world cup to assist with signal interference monitoring and transmitter location.










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